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answered 2018-11-15 20:24:12 -0600

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----------------------------- 300 pin ------------------------------------------
1)P-PM-PPM:Prodigy Processor Peripheral Module子板:
有一个ARM JTAG、一个ARM ETM Debugger Trace
2) P-PM-ETM4:Prodigy ETM4 Module子板:
有一个ARM JTAG、一个 ARM ETM4 interface
3) P-PM-GPIOE:Prodigy GPIO Extension Module
一个20-pin ARM JTAG connector

4)P-CPUPER:Processor Peripheral Module : JTAG connector
5)P-GPIOE:GPIO Extension Module: 1 ARM JTAG interface for general debug and test purposes(Can NOT use as SWD mode)
6)P-GPIMB:General Peripheral Interface Module Type B: 1 ARM JTAG ICE

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